Hair Waves

This hair texture trend is not going anywhere soon!

 Besides, most heating tools damage hair, especially if we use them every day. So, “air – drying” is a gentle alternative to traditional heat styling. However, it’s pretty easy to air – dry  your hair in theory, but in practice you can create a frizzy mess.

        How to Make Air-Dried Hair Look Awesome? air - dried hairstyle

 Step 1: Wrap your hair gently with a towel.

 Step 2: When your hair is partially dried, use a hairbrush like Tangle Teezer Aqua that is suitable for wet hair getting rid of any knots.Tangle Aqua.

 Step 3: Use Redken Curl Texturizing Mousse or Pureology Curl Complete Uplifting Curl to create the curls.redken curvaceous _ Curl Collage

Even if your hair is really curly, don’t skip the styling products. For instance, Redken Curvaceous range can help to reactivate curls.

By the way, you can also work with a salt spay, but this product can make your hair a bit tangled.

Step 4: Start twisting your hair. It will dry by itself naturally with movement.

In case you have a long straight hair, just scrunch it into a bun and use some hairspray. Then wait for a few minutes before taking it out.

Step 5:
 Spraying a little hair spray into your hands and then use them to smooth your hair.Redken 15Hair spray

At the end, avoid brushing your hair as this can break up wave formations you’re trying to create.

Just use your fingers to style it and then leave your hair alone.

Air-dry-hair-collage- Hairstyling


Do you air – dry your hair? What are some methods you use? Leave a comment!

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