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Wavy hair is back in vogue. Curls, ringlet, waves were and will remain very popular in vogue for centuries.  Keep your curls, kinks and waves looking fabulous with these essential Lebel PLIA products. This is not surprising, because this hairstyle for any woman, allowing to look younger, playful, refined, sexy…

We recommend LebeL PLIA top products for curls, waves hair to help you achieve the bouncing, flowing, frizz-free curls you want. Highly reproducible beautiful curls of fluffy and soft elasticity.


LebeL Cosmetics modern technologies allow to curl your hair without damage to their health and strength. Molecular modeling of hair – a new word in the world of hairdressing. Its very name suggests a fundamental difference between treatments from all other methods. The most important thing is that the wave of LebeL, a Japanese company known for its innovative cosmetics makes it possible not just to create ringlets and curls, but also qualitatively improve the structure of the hair. Included in the agents – an amino acid, chitosan, ceramides, glycerol – support protein base, restore the hydro-lipid balance of the scalp, protecting it from irritation. Thus, molecular modeling aims not only to make an adjustment to the external image of the changing image of the hostess, but essentially correct hair health. Agree that the traditional permanent waving of hair that you do not expect.

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 Molecular modeling of hair LebeL PLIA – is a universal procedure that fits all women to change the image. Lebel Hair treatment has a lot of advantages compared to alternative perm. Firstly, it allows you to vary the degree of elasticity of the curl. Second, you can choose a new hairstyle term durability. If you are not sure that the dramatic changes in appearance will suit you, or do not plan to leave for a long time with a familiar image, a perm can be done only by a 2-week period. If, however, you are tired of daily styling and want to wake up with a near-perfect hair – select a longer period of resistance, up to six months, and enjoy a luxurious volume and splendor. Third, no long, natural characteristics and condition of the hair is no longer a hindrance curls. Molecular perm hair suits brunettes, blondes, brown and red, the young blond girls and a gray-haired ladies. It does not matter: natural pigment, painted, healthy or damaged hair – waving by using LebeL PLIA products turn them almost a work of art.

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Hair treatment LebeL: the protection of the hair, molecular modeling, shampoo, mask, serum.


With the cosmetic sensation LebeL kept strong curl look, obtained by a simple process

With the two lineups matched to hair conditions, it easily responds to a wide variety of hair quality. Experience unbelievably “real” curls. You can enjoy curl designs more and more deeply!