Vogue 2014: Fashion’s Night Out

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Patrizia Pepe has designed an exclusive t-shirt marked by the slogan “Find the Key”: a limited edition that will be presented in flagship stores in Milan, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai, Moscow and Tokyo, on the respective dates of the event during the month of September.

Patrizia Pepe has confirmed her participation in the international initiative, opening the doors of her stores in major capital cities worldwide. This intent is represented by a padlock, symbolising the custodian of Patrizia Pepe’s identity, which, once opened, reveals the brand’s world of glamour and sophistication.

Made in lightweight, optical white cotton, the t-shirt is embellished by a shocking Pink precious lock that genuinely steals the scene. Moreover, matte effect coatings mix with coloured foil and
vinyl details, for an ultra-pop style. The enticing inscription “Find the key@ Patrizia Pepe” stands out on an unusual mash-up of colours, inviting the reader to find the key to the wearer’s heart, to the rhythm of fashion.

A “special product” dedicated to all brand fans in Italy and abroad and to diehard fashion victims! The T-shirt is available in Patrizia Pepe E-Shop!

T-shirt limited edition Vogue Fashion\'s Night Out 2014 W231 1