August 2, 2013

Hairstyles O-Fashion

O-Fashion – Master in creative hairstyles, beauty, fashion and cosmetology

Attention to detail… Fine service with a professional approach… Creative and passionate designs…

Tatjana’s Philosophy: “True beauty lies in the unique appearance of each person”, says Russian stylist, Tatjana Orekhova, describing her dedication to the individual and finding a style that serves each and every one of her clients.

Tatjana is among the most sought after stylists in the industry, maintaining a steady customer base with clients from all over the country.

She began her work at the age of 18 and continues to cultivate a great love for the profession, always expanding her artistic ideas. Through her extensive work styling photo shoots that feature her work, Tatjana’s innovative design continues to inspire her colleagues around the globe who are looking to implement changes, New Look in their hairstyles.

Tatjana welcomes men, women, and children to her modern and attractively decorated salon for complete treatments using a wide range of professional beauty care products:

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Tatjana is dedicated to a “no rush” approach with her clients, helping them find and embrace their true and natural beauty. She brings her experience and expertise while staying open to a collaboration to create an individually suited style. Stay tuned for updates on Tatjana’s expanding business… beauty products and a range of other adventures in fashion to come!

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