How to prepare for your next appointment at the hair salon?

The profession of a hair stylist always requires constant developing, in order to be able to offer new trends, styling techniques, and products for the client. Nevertheless, it is very important to discuss with your stylist beforehand very detailed what haircut or color you want, in order to achieve the best result.

Of course, your hairdresser can style your hair according to the latest trends but would you feel comfortable in your new image? Therefore, the customer has to realize what she wants to see in the mirror and how much she would like to change. According to my experience, even the most fashionable haircut are not able to provide the expected feeling of inner satisfaction and comfort to the client, who could think like  “Oh, I look pretty”, “Hmm, this hair makes me look younger”,  “I like myself” …

Therefore, I would like to tell you what is important to think about before your appointment at a hairdresser in order to achieve the result which will satisfy YOU.

  1. Take time and search very carefully the image or a hairstyle you like the most. There are plenty of sources for inspiration, such as fashion magazines, Instagram or Pinterest. Please take into consideration the hair length. It is almost impossible to rehearse the same style you see on the long hair on a short one. However, when it comes to thickness of the hair and the volume, do not rush to think “it will not work”, let the hairdresser decide. Since there are plenty of techniques that allow creating or reducing the volume.
  2. Ask yourself what you do NOT want and make sure to communicate it with your hairdresser. This is one of the most important points, as we may not know what we want, but we always know what we do NOT want. Each of us has that experience of the past experiments when you were trying to find a new image or style. When you tell it to your hairdresser, she will be able to understand the boundaries and limits of your self-perception. For example short bang, open ears, a flat nape, the length of your hair not shorter than the shoulders … Communicating this with your stylist and it will bring you closer to the desired result.
  3. Think well, whom you are willing to trust to create your new image. It is very important to understand that the appearance of the hairdresser determines his preferences. If today you decide to change from the Pink Style to the Natural glam, while the hairdresser specializes only on the Pink Styles than you have a big chance not to get the desired result.

In the B-academy, where I followed one of the courses, I took part in the experiment. There were 13 people, each one had the same doll for the hair practices. Each student had to cut and style the doll’s hair in 45 minutes. In the end, each work was placed on the podium and we had to guess, to which hairdresser belongs each doll. It was very interesting because all the dolls had the same haircut but looked totally different because it was fully depicting the person who was working on it. Therefore, it was quite easy to determine to whom each doll belonged.

  1. When you are already sitting in the chair of your hairdresser, having previously discussed everything what you want and do not want, try to relax and trust your stylist. Do not control the moment, just enjoy the process. When customers are worried, they ask questions like “oh, but isn’t it too short” or “but why are you doing this?”, which makes the hairdresser doubt and think if she understood you correctly. Moreover, she starts rebuilding the model on the go and adjusts it not to your desires but to your experiences. Meaning that there is a very big chance not to get what you want.
  2. And last but not least, please remember that our thoughts materialize and if you go to the salon with fear and distrust, practice shows, that you will get what you don’t want! My best work was done when there was complete trust between me and my client while having a friendly atmosphere and harmony!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you to be always happy with what you see in the mirror!



How to prepare for your next appointment at the hair salon?

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