Redken Certified Haircolorist

O-Fashion Salon Treatments.  Redken Salon professional hair styling & hair color services to repair, enhance & strengthen hair nourish and protect depending on the needs of your hair. Hair care for color ..  Each service is customized and individually prescribed specifically for you by your O-Fashion stylist to help return your hair to it’s healthiest and most beautiful state.


Tatjana Orekhova, complete stylist,

interpret the latest trends for women, men and children, adapting them to suit your individual style.

Cut & blow dry:

Man       from €

Women from €40 (short hair)


Hair coloring, the Perfect colour from award-winning stylist:

Short Mid-Length Long
Tint Regrowth (until 1.5cm)
All Over Colour
Pre-lightener & Toner
Fashion Colour
Highlights T-Section
Highlights Half Head
Highlights Full Head/Lowlights
Gent Colour
Extra Colour




Blow dry menu offers timeless looks from glossy and sleek through to volumized and tousled, perfect for any occasion:

Short hair Mid-length Long
Blow Dry
Fashion Fix + Bridal




No matter your hair type or texture we have a treatment that will improve its health, condition, and shine.

Fibreplex Recovery Treatment
Fibreplex in colour
Fibreplex Extra product
Mask + addition or fusion


Short hair.     Mid-length.       Long hair


Redken HeatCure


Short hair.     Mid-length.       Long hair


Hair Growth Treatment  

XL Hair restoration


Special Offer before Christmas 

Hair cur & Tint Regrowth & Fashion Fix + Bridal

Short hair         Mid-length      Long hair

Hair cur & Highlights Full Head/Lowlights & Fashion Fix + Bridal

Short hair        Mid- length          Long hair


Very Special Service

According to the many requests we introduce a Home Service:

  • Hair Styling & Hair Coloring service at your favorite location.